Communication - Individual Programs

NW Speech offers individualised programs for children who are early communicators.

Sessions may take place in the family home, in a community setting (e.g. kinder or childcare) or via Skype.

What will individual consultations involve?

Since no two children (or families) are the same, each program varies. But all NW Speech programs build on the following principles:
  • Children learn through play and social modelling
  • Children learn from the people they are closest to
  • Children learn well from routines
  • Children learn best when they are relaxed and having fun

With these principles in mind, I work with caregivers to understand how your child is currently communicating, and build on their strengths and interests. We will develop goals, discuss and practice strategies, and plan how these strategies may be incorporated into your day-to-day routines.  

I take a family-centred approach, which means that I see you as the expert of your family.  You will decide the direction therapy will take, how often it occurs and where it takes place.  Each child and each family is unique, so each family's speech therapy program will also be unique and driven by them. 

Are you looking for a particular program?

The following programs can be undertaken 1:1 or as part of a  group progam:

Hanen - More than Words is an internationally recognised, research based program,  aimed at parents of children with autism aged 5 and under.   It involves a pre program consultation, 8 parent training  sessions and 3 video feedback sessions.    Click here t o find out more information. 
Hanen - It Takes Two to Talk  is an internationally recognised, reasearch based program, aimed at parents of children aged birth to 5 years who have been identified as having a language delay.   It involves a pre program consultation, 6-8 parent training sessions and 3 video feedback sessions.   Click here to find out more information.    

What Now?

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